How much will my remodeling project cost?


There are many variables when pricing a remodeling project and each home is unique. However, to get an idea of what comparible projects in our area cost along with national averages please refer to the Remodeling Magazine Cost Vs. Value Report.

What are the first steps in my remodeling project?


• Develop a list of priorities - what you need vs. what you want. If you need to cut costs this list will help you decide what you can do without.
• Establish a budget - How much are you able to spend? Where is your funding coming from?
• Get ideas! Look in magazines. Tear out pictures and circle what you like, Visit home shows and parades of homes, or take pictures.

How do I select a remodeling contractor?


• Ask neighbors, friends, and associates for referrals!
• Contact your local Home Builders Association.
• Interview several remodelers to find out how long they've been in business; have they done a project like yours? Do they have a list of references? Who does the work - the employees or subcontractors? What professional organizations do they belong to?
• Check with the Better Business Bureau.
• Are they licensed and insured?
• How professional does the firm seem to you?
• What kind of services do they offer
• Do they seem organized enough and large enough to do your project?
• Will you need a designer? Does the company have one on staff, or do you need to find one?
• Ask each firm interviewed for a range estimate for the work you are considering. (Some contractors will do this on the first consultation, while some will need time to consider.)
• What is the contractor's warranty?

What questions should I expect a remodeling contractor to ask me?


• The contractor will ask how quickly you want the project done. Good contractors can have a long lead time. They will want to make sure that you don't expect the project to be completed in an amount of time that isn't possible.
• Be prepared to explain your project and some information about your house, such as its age and how long you've lived there
• You may also be asked if you have a budget for your project, this is most often to ensure that you have a realistic understanding of how much the project may cost.

Will you give me a free estimate?


• At All Phase we use the design/build concept. We will give you a free ballpark estimate, after which we charge a fee for designs. This includes detailed drawings along with a proposal that includes business terms, detailed job specifications, contractual terms, and a price.
• The design fee is deducted from the overall cost of the project when you decide to work with us.

Why are professional designs important?


Professional designers are trained to make the space fit your needs. They know the right questions to ask you in order to get the answers they need. They know the code requirements for structure, clearances, egress, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, materials, etc. They can make your space both functional and aesthetic. You may be concerned that professional designs cost money, but in actuality they save you money. Designers work with you to get the best with your budget. Money is also saved because things will not need to be fixed later because of something overlooked in the initial designs, or because it didn't pass inspection.

When is the best time to remodel?


Everyone is different, but generally people begin to realize that features are just outdated. You realize you are still living in the 50's, 60's or 70's. You decide that its time for you and your family to have things that are nice, new and updated. That's when its time to remodel. Why wait? Its time to add more space, you need an updated kitchen and appliances. Your floor plan just isn't working for you or you wish to improve your homes energy efficiency with new windows, insulation etc. You can do this and increase your homes value.

How do I pay for my remodeling project?


Of course this should also be at the top of your list. Diamond Granite can help guide you through the financing world. Before starting a job, we need to know where the funds are coming from. Again we will help you put everything together so that we all can have an enjoyable process to the end. There are several financing options. The most common being a home equity loan, line of credit or second mortgage. Some people will just take cash-out of a complete refinancing of their current mortgage. The simplest and quickest way, if possible, is to just pay cash. Diamond Granites easy to understand contract guides you through the financing and payment process to ensure that you will not have any financial or legal issues to deal with. That again is where experience and track record so important.

How do I find a reliable, professional construction manager?


Of course Diamond Granite and Remodeling feels this is easy, call us. But we understand that that may not be enough for everyone. Start by investigating several builders. Look for a track record, years in business and reputation. Don't be in a hurry. There are all kinds of builders. From a carpenter with a truck and a hammer to a high profile custom contractor with large overhead, an impressive office/show room and an employee to handle every need. Typically somewhere in between these two you will find a company that can offer you what you want, when you want it and at a price you can afford. That's where Diamond Granite feels they have perfected the remodeling process. Start by interviewing Diamond Granite and Remodeling and find out why they are Arizona's most respected construction manager. Though out this web site you will find many informative handouts that will help you every step of the way. There are a lot of good contractors, but for every good one there's a bad one. Remodeling and home building are all about experience and providing a service. Diamond Granites years of service has always been the key to the quality of the finished product. Service + Quality = Satisfaction. Give us a call and find out why over thousands of previous customers are glad they did.